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Economic development is one of the main drivers toward achieving sustainable development. Under the 2030 Agenda, its scope has drastically expanded to include the concept of inclusive and just economic growth. Thus, the focus of economic development has moved from ‘how much developed’ to ‘how well developed’. In this new paradigm, ensuring a concerted participation has become one of the most important criteria for sustainable development.

Likewise, CIFAL Jeju/JITC has expanded its scope of workshops to include various aspects of economic development, such as sustainable urbanization, tourism, entrepreneurship, rural and agricultural development, smart city, green finance, and so on.

2021 Dec 1-3 MSMEs Enhancing Innovation and Resilience for an Inclusive and Sustainable Recovery 기사를 twitter로 보내기 기사를 facebook으로 보내기 2022.01.12



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CIFAL Jeju organises Hybrid Workshop on



MSMEs Enhancing Innovation and Resilience for an Inclusive and Sustainable Recovery


1 – 3 December 2021 – Centre International de Formation des Autorites et Leaders Jeju (CIFAL Jeju) organised a hybrid workshop on “MSMEs: Enhancing Innovation and Resilience for an Inclusive and Sustainable Recovery”. The workshop invited 61 participants from 37 countries, including Afghanistan, Bangladeshi, Bhut, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Swedish, Tanzania, Tunisia, U.S.A., Uganda, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen.

The three-day workshop was composed of (1)experts’ presentations, (2)group activities and (3)a field visit to Jeju island. The first session featured three invited experts, Mr James Villafuerte, Senior Economist of Asian Development Bank(ADB), Ms Maria Elo, Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark Professor, Shanghai University, Mr Insung Kwon, Policy Analyst, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and Prof. Gi-Choon Kang, Professor, Jeju National University. The three speakers covered those issues such as entrepreneurial strategies for resilient and Inclusive Recovery, social enterprises of refugees, data-driven strategies towards digital transformation for MSMEs’ resilience with the case of Korea, and economical diagnosis and revitalisation using big data.

The second session primarily allowed participants to discuss and analyse eight country cases on strategies and policies to accelerate the recovery of MSMEs: Group discussions and presentations were conducted in an interactive way among participants who were present at the venue and virtually joined. On the last day of the workshop, UNITAR CIFAL Jeju organised a 1-day field trip to a governmental organisation and social enterprises: Social and Economic Enterprises Policy Center that implement policies for local small and minor businesses and Social enterprises that locally operate and contribute to realising the social values and enhancing the inclusivity in Jeju Province.



Highlight Video: Workshop on MSMEs Enhancing Innovation and Resilience for an Sustainable and Inclusive Recovery


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