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Best Practice Committee is held annually to select best practices from post workshop progresses submitted by the workshop participants and to award outstanding progresses as best practices. All the submitted post workshop progresses will be carefully reviewed by the committee members for best practices selection purposes.

No. Subject Name Date Hit
9 Post Workshop Stories (2019~2021) Cifal Jeju 2021-07-23 345
8 [Articles] Scaling-up Renewable Energy Ambition in Future Tr… Cifal Jeju 2021-06-04 426
7 [Session Summary] Virtual Dialogue Webinar on Building Anew:… Cifal Jeju 2021-01-20 777
6 [Session Summary] Virtual Dialogue Webinar on Protecting and… Cifal Jeju 2021-01-20 770
5 [SESSION BRIEF] Current Affairs Webinar Series on Green New … Cifal Jeju 2020-10-23 898
4 16th Youth Online Workshop - Compliation of final group repo… Cifal Jeju 2020-08-18 992
3 Post-Workshop Progress Report Series 2017 Cifal Jeju 2020-05-21 1143
2 Implementation of an Intergraded Solid Waste Management Syst… Cifal Jeju 2017-08-14 2736
1 Effective Management of Solid Waste by Producing Compost in … Cifal Jeju 2017-08-14 2764


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