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Economic development is one of the main drivers toward achieving sustainable development. Under the 2030 Agenda, its scope has drastically expanded to include the concept of inclusive and just economic growth. Thus, the focus of economic development has moved from ‘how much developed’ to ‘how well developed’. In this new paradigm, ensuring a concerted participation has become one of the most important criteria for sustainable development.

Likewise, CIFAL Jeju/JITC has expanded its scope of workshops to include various aspects of economic development, such as sustainable urbanization, tourism, entrepreneurship, rural and agricultural development, smart city, green finance, and so on.

2021 June 30 – July 9 Restarting Tourism in Asia and the Pacific: The Road to Recovery and Beyond 기사를 twitter로 보내기 기사를 facebook으로 보내기 2022.01.12


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CIFAL Jeju organises Online Workshop on


Restarting Tourism in Asia and the Pacific: The Road to Recovery and Beyond


30 June – 9 July 2021 – Centre International de Formation des Autorites et Leaders Jeju (CIFAL Jeju) organised an 

Online Workshop on “Restarting Tourism in Asia and the Pacific: The Road to Recovery and Beyond”. The workshop invited 41 participants from 11 countries, including Bangladeshi, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam. The workshop was held in supports of Expedia Group, Jeju Tourism Organization, Jeju Travel Association, and Infogram software firm.


The Pre-session, joined by Ms Julie Tumasz, Director of National Communication and Marketing of BUILD(NGO), provided training to develop Reviving Tourism Strategies using Infogram, an infographic design tool for data visualisation and effective communication. In the last session, participants used the means to establish their national tourism recovery campaign and marketing strategies.



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The first session featured three speakers, including Ms Eunji Tae, the Asia -Pacific of the Regional Department, UNWTO, Mr Paul Pruangkarn, Director of Communications and External Affairs of PATA, and Mr Choo Pin Ang, Managing Director in Asia, Expedia Group. The three speakers shared the tourism economy outlook and the challenges and opportunities to rebuild the tourism sector. The professionals also introduced new business models and destination marketing strategies, exploring new niches and markets to move to more sustainable and resilient tourism development models.



In the last session, participants presented their outcomes of Infographic on reviving tourism strategies and campaigns in their country and region and the top 3 high performers were selected. Most of the sessions were conducted through active interactions among participants and speakers.




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Finally, UNITAR CIFAL Jeju produced and screened a short documentary video on Tourism Innovation for COVID19 Recovery that showcased the good cases of Jeju Province, such as the digital tracking platform developed by Jeju Tourism Organization, IT start-up for electronic vehicles, and local tourism business model.














Virtual Field Trip: Workshop on Starting Tourism in Asia-Pacific: the Road to Recovery and Beyond



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