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[May 17, 2023] UNITAR Headquarters Online Dialogue on 'Rethinking Mobility for Sustainability, Safety and Inclusion' 기사를 twitter로 보내기 기사를 facebook으로 보내기

On May 17, 2023, Mr. Byung Hwa CHUNG, Director of JITC, participated in a global online dialogue titled 'Rethinking Mobility for Sustainability, Safety and Inclusion' as a panel speaker on the issue of sustainable mobility. The event was organized by UNITAR Headquarters on the occasion of the 7th UN Global Road Safety Week. During the session, Mr. CHUNG shared lessons learned from JITC's recent sustainable mobility workshop regarding e-mobility policy of Asia Pacific region as well as Jeju's best practices of Carbon Free Island 2030 and their e-mobility policies.



정병화 제주국제연수센터 소장은 유엔훈련연구기구(UNITAR) 본부가 유엔 도로 안전 주간을 계기로 2023.5.17. 주최한 지속가능하고 안전한 이동을 주제로 한 온라인 세미나에 참석하여 제주국제연수센터가 5월 초 주관한 아태지역 전기차 정책 워크숍 결과와 제주지역의 전기차 정책 동향 등을 공유하였다.


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