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As critical thinkers, change-makers, innovators, communicators and leaders, the young generation is increasingly engaging with each other on a number of platforms both online and offline. Provided with the necessary knowledge and opportunities needed to reach their potential, young people can be a driving force for promoting sustainability in this new era of globalization.

CIFAL Jeju / JITC organizes a number of programs including international youth workshops, forums, and Global Citizenship Education (GCED) to invite Korean foreign students alike to understand the commonality of the global issues and to become active promoters of more peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, secure, and sustainable societies.

Jeju International Future Generation Forum
The Forum aims to foster youth global leadership by promoting actionable engagement in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals. Participating young leaders take the in-depth discussion on up-to-date issues such as youth employment, education development and health and well-being. The youth are given unique opportunities not only to build collective minds but also to vitalize city diplomacy by building a hub of social networking through cultural exchange.

Jeju International Youth Forum
CIFAL Jeju organized Jeju International Youth Forum from 2016 to 2021 with the aim to promote Jeju to the world and to connect talented teenage youth across the globe. The event was conducted with a focus on strengthening the leadership skills of the talented young people, exchanging different perspectives on critical global issues and enhancing the cultural understanding of each other.

No. Subject Name Date Hit
18 [2023 February 23- 24] The 20th Youth Workshop on Digital Technologies and Wellbeing Cifal Jeju 2023-02-23 916
17 [2022 August 17 - 24] The 19th Youth Workshop on Shaping Peaceful and Inclusive Cities of Tomorrow Cifal Jeju 2022-11-04 972
16 [2022 February 7 - 23] The 18th Youth Workshop on Youth and Life Below Water: Conserving and Sustainably using the Ocean… Cifal Jeju 2022-05-18 1144
15 [2021 August 10 – 28] The 17th Youth Workshop on The Impact of Social Entrepreneurship on Sustainable Development Cifal Jeju 2022-01-12 1238
14 [2020.7.13~8.10] 16th Youth Online Workshop on Digital Partnership for the Implementation of the SDGs Cifal Jeju 2020-08-18 2112
13 [The 14th Youth Workshop 2019.7.10~12] Youth Engagement for Sustainable Consumption and Production Cifal Jeju 2020-05-19 2058
12 [The 13th Youth Workshop 2019.2.20~22] Accelerating SDGs Achievement through ICT Cifal Jeju 2019-03-21 2749
11 [Special Course 2019.1.23~24] Capacity-building Course on International Cooperation Cifal Jeju 2019-03-21 2751
10 Call for Application _Youth Workshop on Accelerating SDGs Achievement through ICT Cifal Jeju 2019-01-02 6413
9 [The 12th Youth Workshop 2018.5.4~6] Green infrastructure for Climate Resilience Cifal Jeju 2018-08-08 2843
8 Call for a Proposal of Your Advocacy Project Cifal Jeju 2018-08-02 3753
7 The 12th Youth Workshop Sketch Video Cifal Jeju 2018-07-31 3291
6 [The 12th Youth Workshop] Green infrastructure for Climate Resilience Cifal Jeju 2018-07-10 3615
5 (Deadline Extended)[The 10th Youth Workshop] Youth Engagement for Sustainable Tourism Cifal Jeju 2017-05-22 8279
4 The 9th Youth Workshop -『Sustainable City and Youth』 Cifal Jeju 2017-01-06 5150
3 제8차 청년워크숍 참가자 모집 Cifal Jeju 2016-06-13 5599
2 제7차 청년워크숍 참가자 모집 Cifal Jeju 2015-12-17 6100
1 2015 August 12-14: "the 6th Youth Workshop: Nature, Culture and the Youth" (2) Cifal Jeju 2015-06-16 6874

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